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What Is Poetry


Poetry is uncreated.No greatest man on earth can compose or create poetry.
Poetry is just like a fountain flowing from the peak of mountain.A line of poetry or a couplet of poetry comes to the mind of a poet but when compose is complete poet himself could not explain or interpret what exactly he or she wrote.
There is no clear defination what exactly the poetry is. It is not explainable. Poetry is a kind of fever for a poet or shayer. When he or she feels it poetry flows automatically or naturally from the unseen sources.
One of the greatest of the earth Rumi says, `the meaning poetry does not travel in one direction.Its like a slingshot over which you have no control`.
He further says, `I am burning with the love of God.Does anyone need a light? You can set your rubbish ablaze from the fire within me.`
The great english poet Francios Villon says, poetry is the innermost feeling of humanbeing. Only a poet can compose it.But if a reader ask him to explain
what it is the poet will feel annoyed.
Francios writes,
Where is echo,beheld of no man
Only heard on river and mere,-
She whose4 beauty was more than human?
But where are the snows of yester-year?

Regarding the beauty and bravery Lord Byron says in his poetry `She walks in beauty`
`She walks in beauty,like the light
Of cloudless climes and starry skies…`

If my dearest  readers permits me I can go back to Imam Gazzali and Rumi
to quote them and to say something more about poetry.
Those never recites or read Quran but indulge in preaching quran Rumi composes a couplet for them.
Rumi says`
The Quran they call the best of texts
Yet ofttimes they do not read it with application
Around the goblet is engraved a verse
Which every where is read incessently.

Those who do not read or recite Quran they just quote one or two verses from the Quran and feel proud of their knowledge and priesthood. Rumi says they are really goat.They eat grass but think it is knowledge or wisdom.
Poetry is also like that.Composing some verses good or sweet in recitation may be poetry.Let the history of literature decide their fate.

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